Miriam Pierre

Founder - Nurture Collective Ltd.

Miriam comes from a creative and diverse background training and having a career in contemporary dance through running a busy construction office and then into client account management. But it was when she became a mum and being frustrated by looking for products for daughter that she found her true passion in sustainability. Miriam has recently completed the Cambridge Social Ventures Accelerator program and the We in Social Tech accelerator both of which have helped her shape her business.

My Business

Nurture Collective is an online marketplace for sustainable and ethical children's clothing toys and gifts aged 0-12years. Inspired after the birth of my daughter (3yrs ago) I wanted to bring together eco-friendly kid’s products into one place to make it easier for parents to shop more consciously for their kids. We validate every single brand that comes on the platform by using our 12 visual sustainable icons which also allow people to shop with these icons to create as much transparency as possible in their consumer choices.

But we want to go further. We are launching a circular economy model so customers will be able to send their finished items back to be sold on as pre-loved saving them from landfill. This will be launching in partnership with others in February 2020.