Tracey Banks

Founder & CEO - unpckd

Tracey Banks’ professional experience spans 20+years, across mainly retail and finance sectors, from start-ups to large global corporates. Predominantly working in ecommerce software delivery, Tracey has also performed roles in sustainability as well as obtaining a Masters from Royal College of Art in Fashion Footwear. Tracey is now focusing her energy and experience on having a legacy impact through a social enterprise called 'unpckd' to accelerate the adoption of sustainable living and our journey towards a circular economy.

About unpckd

To tackle the problem of the growing amount of waste in our homes and on our planet, unpckd delivers package-free refills and sustainable goods to local doorsteps. With the purpose of keeping the planet alive for generations to come, unpckd's mission is to reduce the amount of packaging made and consumed in the UK by making waste-free alternatives available for the products we need and use daily, thus reducing the environmental impact of the things we buy. By delivering refill of dry foods and liquids in reusable containers as well as sustainable alternatives for disposable household items, unpckd offers solutions for leading a less wasteful life as well as the convenience of online delivery without the waste. By operating sustainably and promoting circularity, unpckd wants to role model the future of responsible retail.