Venkata Gandikota

Founder - The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society & Lead Organiser - InnoFurgal


Venkata Gandikota has more than 15 years of technical engineering, research, ideation, strategy and business modeling experience. He co-founded the non-profit association - The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society in late 2013 with 2 colleagues. By organising workshops and events involving Businesses, NGOs, Cities and Universities, he started to mainstream the frugal innovation concept in Finland and the Nordics. He is the lead organiser for InnoFrugal- a 2 day innovation and thought leadership conference held annually in Finland since 2015. Venkata has also written several articles focusing on frugal innovations in the Finnish media. He is a member of European Business Angels (EBAN) Impact Investing community. He has also been helping Finnish businesses in India as CEO of Indianeer Consulting and gives guest lectures at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä.


The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society is a non-profit association registered in Finland. We believe that slow growth or no growth in developed economies along with environmental constraints, rapidly ageing societies and various structural problems will increase demands for more frugal models of production and consumption and will require radical new models in areas such as health care, social care and other aspects that affect directly or indirectly everyday life. This will increase demands for frugal innovation techniques along with the products and services associated with them.